Applying for New Service


New Service Packets have been provided at the front door of City Hall with instructions on payments, etc. or you can apply directly on-line by selecting the hyperlink provided below,

Please give us a call at City Hall (704-824-3518) if you have questions. Thank you!
New Service Applications are accepted in-person at City Hall. If out of state, please call 704-824-3518 (Press 1 for Water Department) to discuss your options.
  • Residential and commercial customers need to complete an application for service in order to have services started at each service address.
  • A valid driver's license or state ID is required.
  • Provide your social security card for number verification is required.
  • All landlords are required to complete an application for service per rental property.
  • Any outstanding balances owed by the customer on closed accounts will be required to be paid prior to opening a new service address account.
  • A $50 activation fee is required for all new accounts at time of opening for owners and renters. This fee is non-refundable.
  • RENTERS: A $150 deposit is required for all renters. The deposit will be kept on file until the account is closed and at that time the final bill will be taken out of the deposit. Any refund remaining will be mailed to your forwarding address.
  • HOMEOWNERS: The $150 deposit will be waived for homeowners if proof of ownership is provided at time of opening the account. Proof of ownership can be a closing statement, mortgage payment invoice, or deed.