City Clerk/Human Resource Officer

The City Clerk operates as a support area within the City of Lowell and reports to the City Manager. Responsibilities include recording official actions of the City Council and its committees; custodian of all legal documents pertaining to the City; management of City ordinances, resolutions and notices of public hearings as required by law; administers oaths of office; records management; and Human Resource Officer for City of Lowell.


City of Lowell Code of Ethics (PDF)

City of Lowell Rules of Procedure (PDF)

Public Information Request Form (PDF)

Public Comments Form (PDF)


North Carolina General Statutes

City of Lowell Code of Ordinances

NEWLY ADOPTED Code of Ordinance - Title XI: Bus. Reg., Chap 115: Solicitors, Peddlers, and Itinerant Merchants

  1. RJM_3721_DxO

    Cheryl Ramsey

    City Clerk/Human Resource Officer
    Phone: 704-824-3518