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Board Committee Appointment Application

  1. Application for Appointment/Re-Appointment to a Board/Committee for the City of Lowell, North Carolina
  2. The City of Lowell appreciates your interest in serving on a Board/Committee and requests that you complete the following application. The application requests general information based on your interest in applying for a Board/Committee for the City of Lowell.
  3. In order to consider this application and provide balance and diversity to the various Boards, the City of Lowell requests that the following information be voluntarily provided:
  4. Prior Public Service History
  5. Ethics Guidelines for City Committees/Boards
  6. If appointed or re-appointed, I pledge to comply with the following ethics guidelines for boards as adopted by the City of Lowell.
  7. Members of boards shall not discuss, advocate, or vote on any matters in which they have a conflict of interest or an interest which reasonably might appear to be in conflict with the concept of fairness in dealing with public business. A conflict of interest or a potential conflict occurs if a member has a separate, private, or monetary interest, either direct or indirect, in any issue or transaction under consideration. Any member who violates this provision may be subject to removal from the board.
  8. If the board believes he/she has a conflict of interest, then the member should ask the board to be excused from voting. The board should then vote on the question on whether or not to excuse the member making the request. In cases where the individual member or the board establishes a conflict of interest, then the board member shall remove themselves from the voting area.
  9. A criminal background check will be conducted on new committee members and reappointed committee members.
  10. For a printed application, please email the City Clerk or call (704) 824-3518.
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